Tidigare kollegor om att jobba med Peter

”It was a pleasure working with Peter. He combines a strategic outlook with an understanding of how to build a customer focused operation. He has contributed substantially to the way TecPoint now operates. His ability to listen together with his excellent coaching skills has helped me improve as a professional” –
Harald Krigström VD


”Peter is a very driven CEO with an eye for details as well as a strong strategic perspective. I would be happy to work with Peter again” –                          Peder Holm, Partner at Eterna Invest

”Representing one of the owners of Paxport I had the privilege to recruit Peter for the CEO position at Paxport. Peter has great business management and leaderships skills that have been crucial to the fast and successful turnaround of the company. Peter is devoted to his work and loyal to his mission and he always takes good care his employees. I will highly recommend Peter to a challenging senior position and will be more than happy to work with him again” –
Staffan Ingeborn, Managing Investment Director, Innovationskapital


”I had the privilege to report to Peter for four years at Sun. Peter has great business management and leaderships skills. He knows how to get the most out an organization both from a tactically and strategically standpoint. Working close to Peter taught me a lot on how to be a manager and to run a management team. He always  takes good care his reports and was a great support for me in my career” _
  Lars Hultin, portfolio delivery manager at Verizon Enterprise Solution