Greetings! I´m Peter Lovgren

I am an experienced C-level Executive with a strong interest in opportunities created by personal development and the ongoing digital transformation. I am offering a mix of consultancy services for both individuals and corporations.


A passion of mine is to create results of major importance together with my clients. It may be to evolve business skills, to optimize business results, run a favorite project or to make a change of direction in life. It can be an ambition to improve your capacity to lead, learn how to optimize your business or to help you find your life intentions.
I am willing to work with ambitious individuals and teams from small to large companies.



Interim management is the art of being willing to see the opportunities and match them with the current needs to fulfil the company objectives. I really enjoy bringing out the best in me and my coworkers. It enables us to see possibilities, create trust and secure a steady progress in whatever we choose to do.  I enjoy the process of prioritizing the best opportunities among all the fun and important things available and to simply make it happen together with my team.

Commercial Director Tele2 Business
Nov 2017 – 
Stockholm, Sweden

We are one of Europe’s fastest growing Telecom operators, always providing our customers with what they need for less. Our mission is to fearlessly liberate people to live a more connected life. We believe the connected life is a better life, and so our aim is to make connectivity increasingly accessible to our customers, no matter where or when they need it.

Regional Director
Aug 2015 – Jan 2017 * 1 yr 6 mos
Linkoping and Stockholm, Sweden

Caverion – Life Cycle Solutions for Buildings and Industries
Caverion designs, builds, operates and maintains intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructures in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling
Jun 2014 – Dec 2014 * 7 mos
Stockholm, Sweden

At Svensk Fastighetsförmedling we help you to buy and sell your home. We are Sweden’s largest chain of estate agents with 230 agencies across the country.

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I enjoy helping owners to run their companies at their very best and at the same time be of great service to the management team when it is appropriate.
As an independent chairman and CEO for many years, I have learned how to create a winning culture. I am willing to share and contribute as a part of my engagement as a chairman or as a member of the board.


Board member
FDT Data AB part of ELON Group 
May 2017 – 
Stockholm, Sweden
FDT provides business and retail data that simplifies and streamlines your business.

Projectplace International AB
Jun 2011 – Jul 2014
3 yrs 2 mos
Stockholm, Sweden
No. 1 in Europe for project collaboration on the Web.
Projectplace is an online service that allows you to manage single or multiple projects in a simple and effective way.

Element AB
Apr 2009 – Jan 2016
6 yrs 10 mos
Stockholm, Sweden
Element helps clients create their future sales by offering lead management and marketing automation services. Element is a leader in the field of future sales and marketing automation process as well as winner of the Gasell Award from Dagens Industri

Netadmin System i Sverige AB
Jan 2008 – May 2011
3 yrs 5 mos
Linkoping, Sweden
Netadmin Systems created the NETadmin software suite to unleash the full business potential of broadband networks. Net owners get total end-to-end automation and freedom to choose hardware, access method and business model

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I am an experienced C-level Executive with a strong interest in opportunities created by personal development and the ongoing digital transformation. I offering a mix of consultancy services for both individuals and corporations. Let us create great results and have fun working togehter. All we need is ambition, experience and great content! 

A summary of my professional reputation:

”As a highly ambitious and humble leader, Peter Lövgren demonstrates strong business acumen and analytical skills when elevating individuals and creating top results.”

”Peter demonstrates a genuine commitment, combined with significant strategic thinking. He has an innate desire to deliver outstanding results with a combination of decision-making ability and diplomacy. Peter is a bold and engaging leader who embraces new ways of thinking, inspires with his warmth and curiosity, and has a great attitude towards things that others see as impossible. He has high ambitions and with his presence, clear leadership and motivation, he lifts individuals.”

“Peter sees what others do not see and has a rare gift of combining understanding of advanced business models, determination and intuition. He has a holistic approach, prioritizing what is important, and with strong drive and analytical speed, he is powerful in its implementation. He inspires with his business thinking, his humility, straightforwardness and charisma. Peter settles quickly into new situations and is very credible.”

Based upon responses from 13 colleagues and customers providing answers anonymously in January 2015 via ”Your Professional Reputation”


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