I am an experienced C-level Executive with a strong interest in opportunities created by personal development and the ongoing digital transformation. I offering a mix of consultancy services for both individuals and corporations. Let us create great results and have fun working togehter. All we need is ambition, experience and great content! 

A summary of my professional reputation:

”As a highly ambitious and humble leader, Peter Lövgren demonstrates strong business acumen and analytical skills when elevating individuals and creating top results.”

”Peter demonstrates a genuine commitment, combined with significant strategic thinking. He has an innate desire to deliver outstanding results with a combination of decision-making ability and diplomacy. Peter is a bold and engaging leader who embraces new ways of thinking, inspires with his warmth and curiosity, and has a great attitude towards things that others see as impossible. He has high ambitions and with his presence, clear leadership and motivation, he lifts individuals.”

“Peter sees what others do not see and has a rare gift of combining understanding of advanced business models, determination and intuition. He has a holistic approach, prioritizing what is important, and with strong drive and analytical speed, he is powerful in its implementation. He inspires with his business thinking, his humility, straightforwardness and charisma. Peter settles quickly into new situations and is very credible.”

Based upon responses from 13 colleagues and customers providing answers anonymously in January 2015 via ”Your Professional Reputation”


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